Felix 770 AC-DC

Felix 770 AC-DC

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Premium Multi Carbide High Hardness Electrode For High Temperature Abrasion.

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  • Special Flux Formulation For Hardness Retention Till 650° C .            
  • High Deposition Rates With Excellent Abrasion Resistance On Carbon Steels , Low Alloy And Manganese Steels .            
  • The Deposit Is Not Machinable But Can Be Ground If Necessary .            
  • Good Resistance To Light And Moderate Impact .   

Typical Application Include Coal Burner Nozzles , Furnace Parts , Blast Furnace Bells , Sinter Plant Disintegrators , Conveyor Screws , Clinker Grinders , Ore Crushers , Blast Furnace Parts , Steam Valve Flanges , Ore Breaker Teeth Etc .

Hardness                                                   62-64 HRC            
Hardness At 650° C                                 46-48 HRC            
International Specification            

Proprietory Product   

Clean Weld Area . Stringer Beads Or Minimal Weaves Can Be Used With Short Arc Lengths . Minimal Slag Is Produced And Can Be Overwelded Without Prior Removal . Use AC Or DC  Reverse Polarity .            

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