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About Ferite

Ferrite Is A Company Dedicated To The Philosophy Of Providing Quality Products To The Industry . Founded In Year 2000 , Our Success As A Young Company Is Based On Our Market-Focused, Customer-Centric Approach, Which Improves Our Products, Increases Our Efficiency And Makes It Easy For Customers And Suppliers To Do Business With Us The World Over.

Why Felix

Felix Is A Premium Brand Of Ferrite Metal Solutions Pvt Ltd Manufactured In Its State Of Art Plant In India.

Idea Behind Felix Is Development Of World Class Welding Products Of Highest Standards And Metallurgical Excellence Through Innovation And Research.

Consistent Quality

High Quality Raw Materials, Controlled Production Parameters With Vigorous Testing Procedures Ensures Consistent Quality Products To Meet Our Customers Specific  Job Requirements

We Are With You

With Number Of Sales Offices All Over,Dedicated And Experienced Team Ferrite Is Working With An Approach To Deliver To Its Customers Most Economical And Optimum Solution To All Their Welding Problems

Featured Products

Felix 725 AC-DC

Premium Basic Coated Work Hardening Electrode For Wear Caused By Heavy Shock And Impact.
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Felix 221 AC-DC

Premium Low Carbon High Crack Resistance Electrode For Welding Austenitic Stainless Steels . Excellent For Welding 18 Cr-8 Ni Steels.
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Felix 770 AC-DC

Premium Multi Carbide High Hardness Electrode For High Temperature Abrasion.
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Felix 765 AC-DC

Premium Hardfacing Electrode For Parts Subjected To Hot Abrasion And Impact.
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